Understanding Psychics Astrology And Spirituality

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In this world where science is considered to be the law of the land, the de facto solution for all things that are known, an unknown, it is a world that seems to exist apart from the reality that many people understand as the paranormal. Millions of people worldwide pursue a life that is outside of that which science deems real, using only repeatability and scientific instrumentation and formulas to justify with the universe is really about. Unfortunately, this is a very limited view for the simple reason that science is very new, is not aware of all things that can be measured, nor does it have the instrumentation by which to do so. The human body, our perceptions, and the ways of the ancients are much better representation of the real world, something that can be shown through looking at psychics, astrology and spirituality.

What Are Psychics?

Psychics are individuals that are able to perceive things that normal five sensory perception cannot. When we are able to observe movement of objects, hear things, smell, taste and hear things, all of this information is processed by the brain creating the reality that we see around us. A psychic, on the other hand, is able to perceive things that cannot be seen with five sensory perception. They seem to have a sixth sense, a knowing as it is referred to by many indigenous cultures, especially those that have shamans, where they are able to discern information, it also do the miraculous, as a result of an attenuation to this very special frequency of reality. Whether these individuals are able to talk to the dead, move objects with their mind, or provide information for an individual about their future, these are very real individuals that have helped millions of people for centuries, all of which are tuned into something science cannot measure.

What Is Astrology?

Astrology is away a reading the stars, planets, and their correlation to your date of birth in such a way that you are able to discern what it is that you are supposed to do with your life. Making decisions can be tough, especially with your job, with relationships, and many other factors, all of which require some type of outside help  that can help people stay focused on what it is they want to accomplish. By getting a reading from an astrologist, they can do a chart on your day of birth, examine how stars, planets, sun and moon line up in order to help you make a decision in your life that you simply are having trouble deciding on.

What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality is a way of looking at life from one of many different perspectives, all of which shows that we are all connected to the universe, and to each other, in someway. Those that believe in a particular religion are limited by their belief in their idea of God, the universe, and their purpose in this life whereas a spiritual person is open to many possibilities, all of which are focused upon finding balance and harmony not only with nature, but the universe and those around them. It is the realization that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and not the other way around, a change in perspective that allows a person to mature and grow in a much more positive way. By having a spiritual outlook on life, possibilities are limitless as to what you can do, and how you can perceive the world around you.

Although the ideas of psychics, astrology and spirituality are considered esoteric by many, especially those in the scientific community that demand more of an empirical way of looking at life, for the millions that have participated with psychics, astrologers, and those that are spiritual mediums, or even those that have an open spiritual way of looking at the universe around us, it is clear that they are very balanced people that have found a niche in this universe of possibilities, one that can help people become more balanced and find direction in their lives. Hopefully this brief overview of what spirituality, astrology, and psychic abilities actually represents will help you become more interested in these topics, concepts that may help you improve your life.

How Celtic Astrology Horoscopes Can Help You

celtic cross photoWhen you start to do research on Celtic astrology, you may be astounded to notice how similar this astrology is to other forms of astrology around the world. Whether you are looking at Chinese astrology, traditional astrology that you can find it the local paper, everything is based upon very similar premises. There is the zodiac in the sky which is representative of constellations that are referential of animals to which we are connected, each of which has certain characteristics. The primary difference between the Celtic astrology and other astrology is that it was more focused upon lunar cycles, and seasonal changes, in relation to characteristics that a person would naturally manifest in their personality, which in turn would play a role in the direction of their life. The Celtic’s also believed that certain trees were connected to people, each also representative of characteristics that every person would have. This article will look at Celtic tree astrology signs, their meanings, and how Celtic animal zodiac signs also apply to creating a horoscope.

What Is A Horoscope?

A horoscopes is by definition a way of forecasting the direction that a person should go in with their life. It takes into account the month of their birth in relation to either zodiac signs in the sky, animals that are correlated to the time of their birth, and also a variety of other factors including positioning of celestial bodies. When a person uses a horoscope as a means of finding a direction in their life, or helping them to make certain choices, they are essentially looking at their innate characteristics and personality traits as to making the right decision.

Celtic Tree Astrology

In Celtic astrology, it first began with what is called tree astrology. The Celtic for very much in tune with nature. There are several trees that are associated with Celtic astrology including Birch, Ash, Oak and event Ivy which all have a direct connection with not only the time of your birth, but your connection to nature, the moon and the sun. This later evolved into an astrology that was very similar to what you will find with traditional astrological signs, or even those found in the Orient. Always in a series of 12, though not necessarily following the regular calendar, it was in tune with the cycles of the moon more than anything.

Celtic Animal Astrology

Advancing from trees, the Celtis included animals that were also part of the zodiac pantheon that they created. Essentially, they incorporated animal life in with plant life to create a very comprehensive way of helping people look at their horoscopes and determine the course of direction. Some of the animals associated with Celtic astrology include the Wolf, Snake, Horse and even a couple aquatic animals including the salmon and the Seahorse. All of these correlated with the same time periods as the sacred trees of the Celtic’s, thus connecting every human being with nature, the animals and plants in nature, and celestial changes in the sky.

Celtic Horoscopes

You can use Celtic horoscopes to determine a proper course of action by looking at the characteristics associated with your birth, the animal associated with that time period, and a general guideline as to what you should do with your life. By working with a Celtic astrologer, you will be able to quickly ascertain a more definitive direction that you should go in, guided by your connection to nature and the night sky, allowing you to have a much easier time with realizing who you really are, your connection to nature, and how all of this information can lead you to making the best choices in your life.

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What Makes Up A Love Horoscope?

Love horoscopes can be very useful in that they are an insight into what two people can expect from each other. They are of course not carved in stone, but they can be a good indication and provide some awareness of what to expect and even how to handle whatever comes up within the relationship. Compatibility is the main focus of love horoscopes, and comparing the strengths and weaknesses of different signs is how the astrologist will determine which signs are a good match for each other.

A love horoscope will include the various traits of each sign along with their most Leo and Womancommon hopes and fears. These are then matched to find out which signs would complement each other, and which signs would clash and experience more difficulties than others. This does not necessarily mean that if you meet someone you really like who happens to have the birth sign of the zodiac that clashes with your own birth sign you should avoid them; but it does give you an idea of what to be aware of.

It can also help each person in the relationship to understand the other with the result that there may be more tolerance. If you know that your partner is being impatient because she is Aries and Aries are known to be impatient and impulsive you are less likely to feel annoyed and more likely to realize that it is because of her birth sign rather than a character flaw. In the same way, if you know that men born under the sign of the Taurus love zodiac are more focused on stability and they have a tendency to be possessive, you will be for-warned and therefore more likely to be able to handle these traits.

Having a love horoscope as a reference can not only help to guide you in what sort of person would be the perfect match for you, it can help you to be more understanding and connected to the person you are already with. In addition to this when a person learns about the positive traits that come with their own birth sign they become more aware of them and are more likely to live up to them. The same goes for their partner. If you know that one of the positive traits of your Sagittarius man is that he very honest and straight forward you will be more likely to treasure that as a positive aspect rather than be annoyed and seeing his honesty as a lack of tact.

Love horoscopes look at not only each individual birth sign, but at what happens when they are combined into a romantic relationship. It is an analysis of how the traits of both signs play off each other and blend; which traits will clash and which will complement each other.  The result is a stronger foundation for a secure and powerful relationship based on understanding, communication and connection. In truth, having a love horoscope done before committing to a serious relationship would be a wise choice for all couples.

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